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Here are some snapshots from filming baptism with Valérie Wolf Gang

Camera: Valérie Wolf Gang

My role:
– editing
– postproduction


My role:
– camera
– editing

Company Bonpet Systems d.o.o.
We are rather young enterprise that in 1999 bought technology and in 2001 started our own-production of Bonpet extinguishing ampoule. This gained us the marketing right of spreading throughout the whole European market, United States of America and South America.

Our quality and capacity of being able to provide our customers with needed professional help can be demonstrated with certificates and references. We are also very determined and persistent in achieving our presence outside national borders and therefore establishing ourselves at new markets. Each individual, each enterprise, each partner is an important link in the chain, as everyone adds their own missing piece of the puzzle of success. All of our employees are striving towards achieving the greatest possible satisfaction of our buyers and that is why we use the best products and the top-level technology to fulfil their expectations. We do our best to try to adapt to your needs, desires and safe way of living.
We are therefore an enterprise marked with surpluses, because as far as the field of production of single fire-extinguishing appliances is concerned, we are the leading enterprise.

More about the project

Cross Border Experience – OPENING from Ursa Bonelli Potokar on Vimeo.

My role:
– documentation of the international conference
– making of promotional video
– camera
– editing
– postproduction

Cross Border Experience is a trans-state / trans-border / trans-national project that centres on the question as to how the idea of the European Union could be thought of as a trans-national political project. The project searches for the (political) subject of this utopian Europe beyond nationalism, ethnicism, and colonialism; is the precondition for this the EU citizenship or could also “the Others,” who are a part of Europe but not (yet) in the EU, claim political agency? It became clear that the European unification is a challenging and troubling process. On the one hand, we can speak about the real impossibility of European unification as long as we operate in categories such as “us” and “them”, “old” and “new”, “big” and “small”. At the same time, the EU proved not only to raise borders around itself, thus constructing a permanent “EU” and “the Other” territorial and symbolic divide, but such demarcation processes are also at work inside the EU: i.e. the former West vs. the former East, as well as South vs. North.

Here you can watch the entire conference
More about the project

Mesto žensk – Napovednik festivala 2011 / City of Women – Festival Trailer 2011 – from Ursa Bonelli Potokar on Vimeo.

trailer made by: Urša Bonelli Potokar
music by: Chinawoman

Artyčok.TV [international research, media and digital archive of the contemporary art] is a research institution focusing on the young and emerging contemporary art scene in the international context. Audiovisual features are published daily and freely accessible on the Internet platform The digital archive enables a quality driven analysis of local art scenes and provides an efficient understanding of varied local aspects and working methods.

The latest news from the European Art scene.

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Mesto žensk – Napovednik festivala 2011 / City of Women – Festival Trailer 2011 from Ursa Bonelli Potokar on Vimeo.

Promo video trailer made by: Urša Bonelli Potokar and Robertina Šebjanič
Music by: Chinawoman – Aviva

My role:
– camera
– editing
– video documentation of the festival with Dunja Danial
– making of promotional video for the festival with Robertina Šebjanič
– editing of short videos for each festival event with Dunja Danial
– administration of video gallery for
– making of final promotional DVD

17. International Festival of Contemporary Arts – City of Women

The annual International Festival of Contemporary Arts – City of Women takes place at the beginning of October. Each year it invites between forty and sixty women artists and intellectuals, as well as attracts some six- to seven-thousand visitors from all walks of life.

In October, the city of Ljubljana will transform into the City of Women. The common denominator for artists and other guests, hosted in the spirit of this year’s festival motto – Abracadabra! – is the “magic” of the outlived and non-functional patriarchal patterns, socio-political conventions and moral and ethical norms and values that sometimes prefer something more abstract and elusive than an individual human being – namely, the “magical power” of religion, ideology and political beliefs, which can serve to liberate an individual or transform them into a tool for manipulation and enslavement in the name of consumerism, (neo)capitalism, religious fanatism, craving for money, lust for power, authority and control. A rich festival programme offering everything from concerts, exhibitions, children’s programme, dance performances, performances, lectures, workshops, discussion panels and meeting with the artists…
Abracadabra! Let the magic begin.

More about festival
Video documentation

At Kino Šiška centre for urban culture

My role:
– camera with Dunja Danial
– coordinator of four cameras

Articles about event:
Val 202
Kino Šiška
Sigic Odzven

fashion show: LIGHT / SVETLOBA (NTF : 2011) from Ursa Bonelli Potokar on Vimeo.

Fashion show of NTF in KinoŠiška.

camera: Valerie Wolf Gang, Urša Bonelli Potokar
editing: Urša Bonelli Potokar
music: Silence

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