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International festival of contemporary arts – City of Women started yesterday and I began to film all the events and performances. More then 50 female artist from all over the world joined in one festival. Find out more about this year’s concept here.


You are welcome to attend different events everyday and follow my video documentations of the festival in the gallery of

My role:
– camera
– editing
– organizing and updating an online video gallery @


Photo: Fiona Nicholl


Photo: personal archive 


Photo: personal archive

Photo: Bobby Whittaker


(FE)MALE IDENTITY (performance/experiment) from Valérie Wolf Gang on Vimeo.

This video is a documentation of the performance/experiment (FE)MALE IDENTITY. Video by Valérie Wolf Gang

My role:
– technical support

Performance: we question male/female identity. How can our appearance change our perspectives about sex and the boundary between consciousness and subconsciousness. Female changing to male, male changing to female. Birth of a new man.

Experiment: projection on the body and water, simultaneously capturing and live streaming, synchronized performance and sensations when knowing that another person is projected (live) on another person while showering and entering our intimate space.

concept / directing / camera / editing: Valérie Wolf Gang
performers / styling / models: Eva Dodich, Viktor Herak
technical support / assistant: Urša Bonelli Potokar
music used in the video: Moby – Shot in the back of the head / CC

More about the project
Behind the scenes

Here are some snapshots from filming baptism with Valérie Wolf Gang

Camera: Valérie Wolf Gang

My role:
– editing
– postproduction

IN 10 YEARS: ILLUSION / ČEZ 10 LET: ILUZIJA from Valérie Wolf Gang on Vimeo.

Video by Valérie Wolf Gang

My role:
– assistance with setting

IN 10 YEARS: ILLUSION / ČEZ 10 LET: ILUZIJA is a video installation, where the scenery from the film becomes literally 3D and comes into the space. The whole room is dark and the smell of basement soon give us the feeling of a nightmare. When you step in, you see the button “PUSH: LET THE DREAM BEGIN!” and when you press it, the artificial fog enters the space and everything becomes dusty and foggy – like the real nightmare. Around the room you can spot different symbolic objects that influenced my life. You can also calculate your life span on the calculator or write me a real poem. Everyone that enters becomes part of the film, part of the nightmare. There’s no time, the clock is stopped, we’re trapped forever. The scull is watching us and we are watching the film on the big screen. The film is about future and expectation of society. What will happen in 10 years? Maybe it’s all just an illusion.

INSTALLATION AND VIDEO DIRECTED BY: Valerie Wolf Gang, CAMERA: Ursa Bonelli Potokar, SOUND: Marko Bencic, SCENIC DESIGN: Marija Laura Potocnik, COLOR CORRECTION: Andraz Sedlar, LIGHT: Jan Serini, CAST: Helena Trebar, Rok Debevec, Neja Peterlin, Anja Tomsic, Edvard Lavric, Tinkara Capuder, Meta Capuder, IMPRO Liga Ssof, assistance with setting : Ursa Bonelli Potokar, GALERIJA MIKLOVA HIŠA

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Foto: Valérie Wolf Gang

My role:
– launching the video through a one-hour performance at 15 meter canvas

PREZIR II / Nina Šorak
theater play: 60 min
Directed by: Nina Šorak
Playwright: Zala Sajko
Cast: Anja Drmovšek, Matija Rupel, Ana Urbanc, Arna Hadžialjević
Video: Pila Rusjan

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My role:
– camera
– editing

Company Bonpet Systems d.o.o.
We are rather young enterprise that in 1999 bought technology and in 2001 started our own-production of Bonpet extinguishing ampoule. This gained us the marketing right of spreading throughout the whole European market, United States of America and South America.

Our quality and capacity of being able to provide our customers with needed professional help can be demonstrated with certificates and references. We are also very determined and persistent in achieving our presence outside national borders and therefore establishing ourselves at new markets. Each individual, each enterprise, each partner is an important link in the chain, as everyone adds their own missing piece of the puzzle of success. All of our employees are striving towards achieving the greatest possible satisfaction of our buyers and that is why we use the best products and the top-level technology to fulfil their expectations. We do our best to try to adapt to your needs, desires and safe way of living.
We are therefore an enterprise marked with surpluses, because as far as the field of production of single fire-extinguishing appliances is concerned, we are the leading enterprise.

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Venetian Connection – Making of from VŠU / Famul Stuart on Vimeo.

My role:
– mentor of editing
– postproduction of the videos
– making a final DVD

Film Festival Motovun
Museum of Slovenian Actors
European film week in Nova Gorica
Kino Dvor Mestni Kino

On one of the Venetian lagoon islands the Finotello familly is producing vegetables to deliver to fellow citizens, Elisabetta belongs to the third generation of flower sellers on the famous San Michele island cemetary; Moudu is a Nigerian immigrant who confides some tricks of the bag-selling trade to the film-makers, while Riccardo Bonini thought he knows everything about being a fireman before he came to work in Venice. We also meet two tree doctors and last but not least a gondolier, who wanted to break free from the family tradition but the calling tempted him back to Venice.

The omnibus Venetian Connection was made in the frame of the HiLoVv – Hidden Live(r)s of Venice educational project, which has been supported by the European Union in the form of a Lifelong Learning – Intensive Programmes grant. The leading partner of the project is University of Nova Gorica School of Arts.
After two months of research-based script development about the “Hidden Live(r)s of Venice”, on November 21 2011 students from three universities and several countries met in the floating city to produce 6 short documentaries about Venice, its interesting professions and personalities…, all under the mentorship of the renowned film director, professor Rajko Grlić.

Film Angelina (by Valérie Wolf Gang & MarijaLaura) was awarded for best short film in the TRADITIONS CATEGORY at Erasmus Film Festival (participation from students of all European countries).

Participants / Udeleženci
Aleš Bajec, Isabella Bubola, Jaša Bukovec, Maximilian Conway, Nika Gvozden
John Mounir Hanna, Nisa Hrvatin, Hana Kovačič, Kalle Köbler, Liberta Mišan, Iva Musović, Marija Laura Potočnik, Anja Perše, Mathias Prosekar, Lola Seibt, Jan Serini, Mia Vučemilović, Valerija Zabret, Jaka Žilavec

Leading mentor: Rajko Grlić
Neda R. Bric, Brigitte Kovacs, Dalibor Martinis, Nadija Mustapić, Boštjan Potokar, Urša Bonelli Potokar, Peter Purg, Nicole Pruckermayr, Rene Rusjan, Tina Smrekar, Fedor Vučemilović

Produced by:
Visoka šola za umetnost | School of Arts
Univerza v Novi Gorici | University of Nova Gorica
Akademija primijenjenih umjetnosti Sveučilišta u Rijeci
Technische Universität Graz
International Accademy of Environmental Sciences

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