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(FE)MALE IDENTITY (performance/experiment) from Valérie Wolf Gang on Vimeo.

This video is a documentation of the performance/experiment (FE)MALE IDENTITY. Video by Valérie Wolf Gang

My role:
– technical support

Performance: we question male/female identity. How can our appearance change our perspectives about sex and the boundary between consciousness and subconsciousness. Female changing to male, male changing to female. Birth of a new man.

Experiment: projection on the body and water, simultaneously capturing and live streaming, synchronized performance and sensations when knowing that another person is projected (live) on another person while showering and entering our intimate space.

concept / directing / camera / editing: Valérie Wolf Gang
performers / styling / models: Eva Dodich, Viktor Herak
technical support / assistant: Urša Bonelli Potokar
music used in the video: Moby – Shot in the back of the head / CC

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Behind the scenes


Here are some snapshots from filming baptism with Valérie Wolf Gang

Camera: Valérie Wolf Gang

My role:
– editing
– postproduction

IN 10 YEARS: ILLUSION / ČEZ 10 LET: ILUZIJA from Valérie Wolf Gang on Vimeo.

Video by Valérie Wolf Gang

My role:
– assistance with setting

IN 10 YEARS: ILLUSION / ČEZ 10 LET: ILUZIJA is a video installation, where the scenery from the film becomes literally 3D and comes into the space. The whole room is dark and the smell of basement soon give us the feeling of a nightmare. When you step in, you see the button “PUSH: LET THE DREAM BEGIN!” and when you press it, the artificial fog enters the space and everything becomes dusty and foggy – like the real nightmare. Around the room you can spot different symbolic objects that influenced my life. You can also calculate your life span on the calculator or write me a real poem. Everyone that enters becomes part of the film, part of the nightmare. There’s no time, the clock is stopped, we’re trapped forever. The scull is watching us and we are watching the film on the big screen. The film is about future and expectation of society. What will happen in 10 years? Maybe it’s all just an illusion.

INSTALLATION AND VIDEO DIRECTED BY: Valerie Wolf Gang, CAMERA: Ursa Bonelli Potokar, SOUND: Marko Bencic, SCENIC DESIGN: Marija Laura Potocnik, COLOR CORRECTION: Andraz Sedlar, LIGHT: Jan Serini, CAST: Helena Trebar, Rok Debevec, Neja Peterlin, Anja Tomsic, Edvard Lavric, Tinkara Capuder, Meta Capuder, IMPRO Liga Ssof, assistance with setting : Ursa Bonelli Potokar, GALERIJA MIKLOVA HIŠA

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Researchers Night: Martin O’Loughlin from Ursa Bonelli Potokar on Vimeo.

Camera, interviewer: Valérie Wolf Gang
Postproduction: Urša Bonelli Potokar

Martin O’Loughlin: physicist and amazing didgeridoo player. He also invented new instrument called “electric medusa”. When he’s not playing his instruments he studies universe and it’s beginning (the Big Bang).

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Researchers night – Polona Škraba Stanič from Ursa Bonelli Potokar on Vimeo.

Camera: Valérie Wolf Gang
Postproduction: Urša Bonelli Potokar

Laboratory for Organic Matter Physics in Ajdovščina, talk with Polona Škraba Stanič about science for Researchers night 2011

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Researchers Night: Otlica – Centre for Atmospheric research from Ursa Bonelli Potokar on Vimeo.

Camera: Valérie Wolf Gang
Editing: Urša Bonelli Potokar
Assistant: MarijaLaura

Global climate change is becoming a major environmental concern during the last decades. Increased concentrations of greenhouse gasses and sulphate aerosols in the atmosphere alter the energy balance of the Earth surface, an important factor that initiates changes of climate. A necessity for better understanding of these processes, especially the ones related to aerosols, led to the establishment of the Centre for Atmospheric Research (CRA) at the University of Nova Gorica in 2004.

Lidar measurements at Otlica observatory contribute to the broadening of environmental monitoring activities in Slovenia providing complementary data to that from other monitoring sites. In cooperation with EARS Otlica is since 2006 a part of the national network for environmental monitoring; standard meteorological and environmental measurements are routinely performed and presented online on the EARS web pages. These measurements, together with regional climate change studies and impact studies of these changes contribute to the development of strategies for adaptation to climate change in Slovenia.

We talked with Dr. Samo Stanič (head of the centre) and Fei Gao (research assistant).

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Some photos from “behind the scenes” and some snapshots from photo series.

Photographer: Valérie Wolf Gang
Portrait photo series for catalogs

My role:
– asistent of photographer

Foto series for Matevž Kajdiž / tenor, who is currently living and working in the Netherlands.

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